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Client Testimonials for Rural KC

Read what others have to say about their experiences working with Rural KC to buy or sell their property in The Kansas City Area. Did you have a great experience working with Rural KC? We want to hear about it!

This letter is to commend my broker, Bill Gaughan, for a job well done. I had seventy acres for sale, and considering the several "for sale" properties around me which continued to sit idly on the market, I was prepared (if need be) to wait four or five years on a buyer. As it turned out, only that many months went by before a buyer was found and the deal was closed!

From what I have seen of him I would have to say that Bill is affable and intelligent, honest, competent and efficient--and his fees are commensurate with those of other brokers everywhere. I am convinced that he gives his properties very good exposure (through photographs and written description), and over a wide reach, primarily by means of the internet (, et al.?) It seems to work. He is also good at explaining things simple, listening attentively, and responding effectively--at all times remaining straightforward and"above-board." He also has an admirable habit of keeping the client well -informed--of his own actions as broker, and of developments in general; I always felt that I knew what efforts were being made, and what was coming of those efforts.

Perhaps the best part is that Bill did "all the work," requiring virtually nothing of me except a few signatures, thus completely uncomplicating the sale, and leaving my mind entirely uncluttered and stress-free except for the pain of parting with the land in general. (He was even willing to commiserate with me on that.) In seeking out a broker--all these things considered--what more could one really ask?

- John F. K

Dear Bill,

Just a quick note to thank you for everything you did in helping us to sell our land. You and your team did a great job is listing for us, especially the wonderful job you did in creating a web site just for our property. I believe it had a lot to do with the quick selling of our property.

Be assured that we will recommend you, and your team to anyone we hear is thinking of listing property. And if we ever decide to sell our present home and property, you will be the first person we will call.

Again thank you very much.

- Ron and Patty R.

It is with great pleasure that we take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done in the sale of our Linn County farm property. When we decided to list our farm with you last month we had absolutely no idea or expectations that it would sell so fast. Actually, we were fully prepared to be entertaining potential buyers well into next summer.

As you know, we had originally planned to try and sell the property ourselves for a while. However, after viewing one of your website advertisements on another Linn County property and talking to you personally, both Judy and I decided quickly that you not only had the right advertising philosophy, but you were also the right man for the job. In other words, we had total confidence in your ability to do what was required to move our property as quickly as possible and at a price that we were comfortable with. You did not let us down.

To have two offers within two weeks of the listing was a most pleasant surprise. Also, the inclusion of all machinery and miscellaneous items as a part of the sale was, in addition an added bonus for us. The professional manner in which the paper work was completed, including your diligent review of the entire process was just an outstanding way to conclude what could well have been a very trying and difficult time for us.

Our thanks again for a job well done and good luck to you in all of your future transactions. If we ever have an opportunity to direct any business your way you can be assured that we will do so with no hesitation.

- John and Judy M

Awhile back my husband I reached out to Bill Gaughan in hopes of locating our ideal farm property. Bill took the time to get to know us and better understand what was important to us in our future property. Bill was very knowledgeable, professional, patient, flexible and friendly, and helped navigate us through some “challenges”. We felt like Bill was truly looking out for our best interest. We also appreciated his sense of humor.

We were so impressed with Bill’s service when we purchased the farm, so we recently hired him to help us sell another property. Again, we found Bill to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Once again, we found ourselves stuck in the middle of “unique challenges” in which Bill helped us through. On numerous occasions, Bill would go “above and beyond” and would offer creative solutions to help us negotiate and reach a settlement with the buyer. Again, we felt like Bill was truly interested in our best interest.

We can’t say enough about the service we received from Bill. Bill is more than just an outstanding real estate agent - we are proud to call him our friend.

- Michell and Rodney G.

Buying a home is never easy. It's especially challenging when you live 2000 miles away and are a very finicky buyer. Fortunately, we found Bill Gaughan to help us locate and purchase our dream home. Bill took time to understand what we were looking for.

When we came to town to view homes, he planned ahead. He provided extensive information about each home we visited, and he helped us use every minute of our search wisely. He also shared vast knowledge about transitioning from city to rural life, and what he taught us helps us enjoy our home and property every day.

We've worked with a lot of Realtors over the years, but none compares to Bill in service level, expertise, patience, support and genuine concern for the buyer.

- Kinley and Deb C.

My wife and I had been searching for a piece of property in the country; a place we can go to and relax for the weekend. We searched off and on working with several realtors for about 2 ½ years. Unfortunately, we were unable to connect our wants and desires with any of the realtors. This was a very frustrating experience since, for whatever reason, the realtors just didn’t show us what we were envisioning.

In July of this year we found Bill Gaughan’s advertisement in a local real estate ad booklet. I remember this very well because it was on a Sunday afternoon, after having again been disappointed by a non-productive half day of driving around in the country looking at decrepit properties. We decided to call his number since this add specifically identified Bill as someone who understood country and hunting properties. Fully expecting an answering machine on Sunday afternoon I was surprised when Bill answered the call. I immediately sensed that this man knew his business. After meeting with Bill we realized why our previous efforts were in vain. Bill is an expert in his field, country properties. He clearly understood our wants and desires and within a couple of weeks located the ideal property for us. Bill impressed me personally with the homework he did about potential properties and his attention to detail about the local areas and communities those properties were situated in.

Throughout this process Bill was extremely helpful and, on a number of occasions, went out of his way to ensure that all of our needs were met. We feel that we were not just working with another real estate agent wanting to make a sale but a person who genuinely cared about us. I sensed his disappointment when a property wasn’t all it advertised to be and conversely, he shared in our joy when we liked a potential property. Bill is the kind of person I like and feel comfortable working with. He is honest, caring, unbiased, and passionate about his business.

We strongly recommend Bill Gaughan and his expertise in the country property business. We were very satisfied on the business end and feel that we struck a friendship in the process.

- Florian K. R.

To Prospective Buyers,

When my daughter, Katy, was looking for her dream, Bill helped her find it!! He spent time finding out what she was really looking for. He presented the properties that would be most likely to fill her wishes. If we asked to see something else he was most agreeable to showing it to us.

He did research that was beyond what a real estate agent normally does. She is looking to go into the horse boarding business so he went to the city and asked questions making sure the property could be used as she wished. That the barn she wanted to build could be built on the property. He answered all the questions that we had or found all the answers we needed.

He was so nice to work with! There was no pressure to buy anything, he would have taken as long as we needed to for her to find her property. Luckily she found one that was right for her in a short amount of time. Then he worked hard to get us the best deal possible. Katy has her dream and we have gained a friend.

I would highly recommend Bill Gaughan as a real estate agent to anyone.

- Diana K.

We made it out to the property last week. It was even better than we expected. Wish I had enough money to buy the whole thing, but nonetheless we are extremely happy. We just wanted to extend a big thank you to you for working with us on this and taking the time to show us multiple properties. You were great to work with and we appreciate your patience. If there's anything Joanie and I can do for you let us know. Thanks again Bill.

- Ralph B.

Bill thank you for the great job you did advertising and selling my farmland. Bill's work ethic, realtor experience and land knowledge were instrumental in selling my property. Bill went above and beyond expectations on researching my land's zoning regulations and even met with county officials to make sure there was adequate access to my property. He went above and beyond to help me find a good contractor to install a roadway into my property.I could not ask for a better business partner / realtor to sell my land. I found Bill to be knowledgeable, hard working and trustworthy. Bill works 100% for his clients! Thank you, Bill! You did a fantastic job selling my land in such a difficult market. Joyce D.

- Joyce D.

We really enjoyed working with all of you and can't say enough good things about the experience. I've spoken to the former owner of the property and they were also impressed with the way your team marketed the property. We all thought the photos were excellent and did a great job highlighting the property, the former owner said that they had wished that when they went to sell it the first time that their realtor would have done something like you did. If we know of any friends or family members in the KC area looking to sell property we'll definitely pass your name along. We've gotten mostly settled into our new place and we couldn't be happier. We would not have been able to make this transition without all of your hard work, so thank you again!

- Brett and Chasyn C.

I wanted to send this note to commend my broker Bill Gaughan and the Rural KC team for the expertise and experience I’ve enjoyed with them. I first used them to buy my present home on acreage. I had some unique and unusual requirements that would scare most realtors off. But Bill knew what was, and was not, possible in rural property, and he worked through all the issues and found a home we love.

Most of the time that would be it. But since then whenever I’ve found a need for rural expertise I’ve been able to turn to Bill and he either knew the answer or put me in touch with someone who could take care of our questions. It’s nice to know we have a local expert who we can turn to when questions about rural property and country living come up.

G. Reitz

- G. Reitz

I recently moved to Kansas and was looking for a piece of land to invest in.  Having never invested in land before, I was hoping my agent could also help me understand the nuances of Kansas real estate and what to look for when evaluating land.  Bill met with me (and my father) and shared a lot of useful and experienced wisdom.  He really took the time to make sure I understood what it was I wanted.  He helped me sift through a couple choices of parcels until I found the one that I thought would be the best investment for myself.  Once my offer was accepted, Bill helped me wade through the due diligence period and connected me with some of his legal resources who were able to answer all my questions about easements, restrictions, and other encumbrances (most of which were simple to get removed from the title before closing).  As a first-time land investor, Bill's patience and knowledge were invaluable and I really felt like he and his team had my back throughout the process.  I look forward to working with him again on the next one!


-Zack M

- Zachary Mentz

I was a first-time home buyer and knew next-to-nothing when it came to the home buying process. Bill walked me through the process in great detail, multiple times, each step of the way. He was a personal Google. Bill was also a trusted companion. Always a straight-shooter, he would not put rose-colored glasses on things about a property or house that didn’t deserve it. He wants his buyers to be aware of everything. Most importantly, Bill has a good heart. Whenever we would tour yet another property that just wasn’t right, he’d be perfectly alright to head on to the next one; there was no rush or frustration with me. In the end, he gets the job done and he offers to stay in touch if you ever need anything. I would recommend this guy to anyone. Oh, and he might even treat you to a Coke after a hard day (or month) of searching like he did me.

- Jack Moore

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