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Drill-Well, LLC

Contact Name: Ryan Eickhoff
Phone: 1-800-811-9978

Drill-Well LLC  was started in 2005 by owners Andy Halbert and Ryan Eickhoff.  We started with a single drill rig  drilling domestic wells in Nebraska and quickly grew the business.  Since that time the business has grown to include two locations and a total of four drilling rigs drilling wells in four states.  Drill-Well LLC now offers domestic, livestock, irrigation, duck flood, commercial, industrial, municipal, dewatering, relief, and geothermal wells.  They are licensed to drill wells in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa.

At Drill-Well LLC, we take pride in providing a quality product.  We find that an important part of quality control is having an owner at the job site.  To achieve this we are an owner operator business where you will find one of us on every job site day in and day out.

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