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Star Cleaning Services

Phone: 913-404-4573

How we can help you.

Though originally from Brazil, our team currently resides in KS & MO. We transitioned to the United States in an effort to prolong our dream of providing an amazing cleaning service to homeowners of Kansas & Missouri. As a result, Star Cleaning has done just that!

We understand how important feelings of comfort are, especially during difficult times. More time is being spent at home and we believe a clean home helps connect families together.

Here's what we can give to you:

  • More Free Time to spend with family & friends!
  • Save Money vs. what larger franchises would charge!
  • Less Arguments with your spouse over whose turn it is to clean!
  • Confidence to finally invite company over and not worry about what condition your home is in!
  • Less Stress knowing your home remains a spotless sanctuary!

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