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Foundation Engineering Specialists LLC

Contact Name: Ryan Strode
Phone: 913-559-8204
Alternate Phone: 816-309-9118

Structural Analysis and Design

  • Specializing in concrete design
  • Working to all popular building codes
  • Providing foundation analysis and upgrading foundation capacity
  • Evaluating and documenting forensic engineering requirements
  • Evaluating and documenting geotechnical concern

Residential Assessments
Many homes have full basements built in, and on, unstable soil. Seasonal soil changes and poor rain water management can cause basement walls to crack, leak, lean, and separate leaving the home without proper support and the basement unstable. But many things that look like significant distress can be well within the normal limits for a building's operating life and conditions. FES can help you assess your residence. We've conducted over 5,000 structural assessments and we know where to look for problems. Corrective action is often required before financing can be obtained. FES can provide certification within 48 hours.

Professional Testimony
Attorneys, mediators, and clients recognize the value of superior credentials. FES provides the focus and personal attention you expect from a small company, but with rock-solid resumes to facilitate case preparation and resolution.

Do-it-Yourself Restoration
We offer proven engineering solutions acceptable to mortgage lenders, underwriters, code inspectors, and the FHA. For the ambitious homeowner with limited skills and tools, we'll show you what needs fixing and how to fix it. Detaile

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