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Aardvark Vent and Duct Cleaning

13015 6th Street
Grandview, Missouri 64030
Phone: 1-816-754-6706

Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is an often-overlooked way of managing your indoor air quality. Whether it is your home or your business, chances are you spend a majority of time indoors. A variety of pollutants can be pushed through dirty ducts, leading to problems and illnesses for the people occupying the space. Air duct cleaning from Aardvark can help prevent a build-up of the following air pollutants:

Common Indoor Air Pollutants

  • Carbon monoxide (CO) – An odorless, invisible gas produced by fossil fuels that can lead to tiredness, headaches, dizziness, confusion, nausea, and a fast heartbeat. An excess of carbon monoxide in your home can lead to truly terrifying side effects including extreme paranoia brought on by the confusion it causes.
  • Radon – Another colorless and odorless gas that exists everywhere at low levels because it is produced naturally when uranium in the Earth breaks down. However, if you are exposed to higher levels of radon it can lead to lung cancer.
  • Secondhand smoke – There are more than 4,700 chemical ingredients found in environmental tobacco smoke and when regularly exposed to it, it can lead to the same health problems as smoking tobacco yourself.
  • Lead particles – A natural, soft metal that is toxic when consumed. Up until the late 1970s, it was regularly used in house paint. Exposure leads to damage to your nervous system, brain, red blood cells, and kidneys. Children exposed to lead suffer from short attention spans, behavioral issues, delayed growth, and lower IQ levels.
  • Nitrogen dioxide – A common oxide of nitrogen, this toxic and corrosive gas can lead to pulmonary edema, lung injury, chronic bronchitis, other chronic obstructive lung diseases, and impaired lung function for children and those with asthma.
  • Asbestos – The EPA declared asbestos unsafe in 1971 because when the material is disturbed, the fibers can be inhaled and lead to lung cancer and asbestosis, an inflammatory condition of the lungs that leads to coughing, trouble breathing, and permanent lung damage.
  • Mold – Some molds are harmless, others can lead to allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Mold is extremely common both indoors and out.

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